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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an Ulta discount?

To get Ulta discounts, sign up for Ulta emails, and check the Ulta website frequently for the latest Ulta promo codes and discounts. Like ulta coupon code $10 off

How do I get a Ulta coupon $10 off $40?

Open an Ulta credit card to receive an Ulta coupon $10 off $40. You'll be able to use this 20% off Ulta coupon code on your first purchase with your new card.

Is Ulta coupon code $10 off valid only once?

Yes, the Ulta coupon code $10 off you receive when you open an Ulta credit card is only valid for one transaction.

How often does Ulta offer 20% off?

When you open an Ulta credit card, you will receive a 20% discount. On the Ulta website and app, you can also look for and occasionally find 20% off Ulta coupon codes.

Does Ulta accept manufacturer coupons and special offers?

Yes! Manufacturer coupons are accepted at Ulta stores. Just make sure to double-check with a store associate before you buy.

Is there a loyalty program at Ulta?

The Ultamate Rewards program is the beauty behemoth's loyalty program, in which you earn points for every dollar spent at Ulta. Signing up for the program is free, but keep in mind that these points do expire. You can keep track of them in your Ultamate Rewards program account or by logging in via the Ulta app.